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It has been such a fulfilling creative endeavor as Ventura County photographers to develop our commercial and creative photography portfolio. We are so stoked to be Ventura commercial photographers in a place surrounded by amazing artists and so much natural inspiration. Collaborating and teaming up with so many businesses and creatives right here in our own home town has given us such a love for this town and we feel truly invested in helping it grow by representing it well with our work. We love working with brands to develop a strong visual language with which to communicate their values and their products. Hopefully you can get a feel for what we strive to do with this little online photography portfolio – a happy and random spattering of fashion, artist portraits, architecture and products. We’ve gotten the chance to delve into lots of projects and all of them are just as exciting as the last.

While we got our start in wedding and portrait photography a decade ago, we always knew that we would find ourselves venturing into other areas. Peter’s curiosity for how things work and his determination to find solutions to problems has led him to learn and grow in his craft as a photographer and artist, versing himself in natural and studio lighting. Paired with Emily’s creative and visualizing mind, our team of two has been able to branch out to many new projects that we’ve been so excited about! We hope you like what we do and we can channel our enthusiasm into lots more fun stuff in this town. We are always looking for new inspiration as artists and we’d love to have your work be our next inspiration.

Ventura Product Photography

Product photography has been one of our newest yet most immersive endeavors. We’ve found so much inspiration and development in our style after seeing the thoughtful and influential products that we’ve had the honor of photographing. We find that every art form we practice, whether it’s painting, music, baking, gardening, etc. helps to inform our future as photographers and gives us new eyes into how we can better portray products and spaces. We strive to be at the forefront of Ventura product photography and want to continue to learn and improve our portfolio. We work in both product lifestyle photography and product photography in the studio. Whether its content for your website, instagram, magazine, or even a personal project, we strive to be the best product photographers we can be to make your vision a reality.  Your craft is an art, and what better way to capture that than through an artist’s eyes. Let us see and appreciate your products on a whole new level. Product photography pricing is unique to each collaboration. Get in touch with us and let’s make something awesome together.

Please reach out to us if you’re looking for a new vision for your product and want to collaborate. Whether it’s a table-top set up or photographing your product in action around town or in the great outdoors, we are always down for a good time and for a creative process to flow. We can offer pricing based on a single shoot basis but also love to partner with companies on a monthly basis to give you continual content for all your social media or other marketing needs.

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Photography Portfolio

We love jumping into new projects and collaborations

We’ve dabbled in a range of endeavors over the years and had some great opportunities that have helped us develop our own commercial photography portfolio. Photographing inspired products, architecture, artists and makers, and all the stuff in between has given us a deep enthusiasm for our craft and all the directions it can lead. Of course, originating our photography career in weddings, our portrait photography portfolio is already extensive. To that, we’ve added families, corporate headshots, artist exposés, and lots more. We love the vulnerability and unpredictability that comes with photographing people and portraits. But as we’ve grown, we’ve seen that same vulnerability and authenticity represented in the products and experiences people create. It’s been an epic journey turning Kappen Photography into a product photography studio in addition to our wedding and portrait work. We love to be part of a business’ growth by showing their product in the best light possible.

We’re always looking to expand our photography portfolio into new areas. If there’s a project you want to collaborate on, believe us when we say we’re always down. Our minds are always open to new ideas and inspirations. Being first and foremost Ventura County wedding photographers, we have grown in our love of our city and the individuals who live here. So please drop us a line, we’d most likely become friends.

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