Thousand Oaks Family Photographer

We’ve been Ventura County Wedding photographers for the last 10 years and it’s been an amazing experience to see our business naturally blossom towards becoming Thousand Oaks family photographers. When we first started our photographic journey way back in 2010, we never thought we would end up photographing families or newborns. It wasn’t until a bunch of our former wedding clients started having children and asking us to capture them, that it all started to unfold. Fast forward a few years to 2017 when we welcomed our little boy Vaughn into this world. The second he came into this world, a fire was lit inside of us to strive harder to capture the beautiful love of a couple blossoming into a family. We realized how quickly our own lives had changed and it made us want to be able to honor and memorialize that same change in others. It’s such a joy to be invited into people’s lives as they treasure time as a family.  We’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of the county through our lens and have gotten to do a lot of Thousand Oaks photography, Simi valley photography and Ventura family photography.

We offer a wide variety of family photo sessions to fit the ever-changing and crazy lives we lead with children. We offer everything from in home sessions that focus on the beauty of your family in it’s natural environment to destination photo sessions where we go somewhere special to your family and capture the fun that unfolds. We love the opportunity to be let in and the ability to grab those special images to characterize your family in this moment in time.

Thousand Oaks Maternity Photoshoot

The beginning of something beautiful

Those tiny kicks, your partners loving touch on your growing belly, that feeling of anticipation – don’t let it go by without a maternity photoshoot to help you remember it all! Maternity photography has become such a source of joy for us over the last few years of raising our own children. We obviously knew that our lives would be forever changed when we welcomed our children into our home but I guess we were a little naive (what first time parents aren’t?) and didn’t really fully grasp that literally e.v.e.r.y.thing changes. Growing a life in your body is a momentous and objectively amazing thing. But when you’re in the midst of it, it can just be darn right uncomfortable and vulnerable and it can be really hard see yourself or your experience in a positive light. When I (Emily) was pregnant, I didn’t know there was any maternity photographers near me, but as my due date drew closer, I started to realize just how fleeting this time was and knew that it was important to capture this feeling! It’s an amazing experience to take a pause from nesting and just be – let the clock slow and let the knowledge that you are growing and creating a human inside of you fill you with confidence. After living through the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth, and childrearing, we want to be able to be able to memorialize this season of change for others. We want to make ourselves available to people in this precious time so if you’re having a baby, please reach out for our Thousand Oaks maternity photographer price list. We love to bundle maternity, newborn, and family sessions together to tell the story of your baby’s first year.

Family is what grows
when you build a house
of memories together

Thousand Oaks Newborn Photography

Capturing those first moments

Getting into baby photography has been such a treasured experience for us. It is such an honor to be let into people’s lives at such a new and intimate time. I’m sure you’ve heard it 1000 times – “Treasure this stage, they grow up fast!” Well, as much as we got sick of the advice, there’s just no denying it’s true. Each stage, especially in that first year, can be such a whirlwind of emotion. We love to be able to pause time with our images so you can be taken back to those moments that are so fleeting. We would love to branch out to be Ventura County birth photographers as well when the time is right! I was so happy to have friends in the business that were newborn photographers near me when we had our babies. Their pictures truly blessed us and continue to bless us every time we look back on them.

Our newborn sessions usually are scheduled in the first couple weeks of a babies life – those precious weeks weeks where mostly they like to sleep and eat (and poop – but don’t worry we won’t focus on that part). Our style doesn’t include a lot of props or posing but instead focuses on the raw and vulnerable beauty of a family and new life in transition.

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