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It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to get married than Santa Barbara, California. It’s like the riviera of the West Coast. Sandwiched between the stunning Santa Ynez mountains and more stunning beaches that you can count, Santa Barbara has no lack for natural charm. Santa Barbara wedding photographers will tell you that Santa Barbara’s stunning locations aren’t limited to the tourist attractions – a couple minutes hike into the hills will bring you to countless breathtaking locations making Santa Barbara an easy choice for adventure elopement photography. Finding the perfect Santa Barbara wedding venue for you might just take little imagination and some hiking boots!

In this article we want to explore some of the coolest Santa Barbara Wedding Venues. Seeing as Santa Barbara is a huge tourist attraction, many people naturally choose to get married there. 

Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

As far as Santa Barbara wedding venues are concerned, the Santa Barbara courthouse is probably one of the most iconic places you can get married. It’s stunning architecture and grounds are the perfect backdrop for a Santa Barbara elopement or a Santa Barbara civil ceremony. There are a ton of cool places to get married around the courthouse grounds including the lush sunken gardens and the stunningly decorated mural room. If you’re dreaming about getting married in a stunning place with a lot of architectural beauty and history, a Santa Barbara courthouse weddings might be a great choice for you! If you want more info on how many guests can attend a courthouse wedding or how to find a wedding officiant just visit the courthouse’s website.

As wedding photographers we have always loved photographing around the courthouse and feel like we will never exhaust all of the amazing photo locations around the property. If you’re looking to elope at the courthouse, check out our Santa Barbara Elopement Photographer page for additional info.

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Santa Barbara Museum

When you think about Santa Barbara Museum weddings two amazing venues comes to mind. The Santa Barbara Historical Museum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Both of these venues offer amazing backdrops for all kinds of weddings.

Santa Barbara Historical Museum weddings feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Featuring relics dating back to the 15th century and grounds reminiscent of California’s Spanish past, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum is a real gem. The museum sits just a couple blocks away from Santa Barbara’s State Street and provides a hideaway while still being in the middle of the city. Check out their website for booking and for more information.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is worth a visit whether or not you are considering getting married there. It’s location high above Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez mountains provides stunning panoramic views of the city. Take a look at the museum’s website for important booking details. Out of all the Santa Barbara weddings venues, this one might be our favorite!

Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort

When most people think of getting married on Santa Barbara, images of white sand, palm trees, and epics sunsets usually come to mind. If you’re looking for a place to hold you beach-vibe wedding ceremony than look no further than the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort. You might know it by the name Fess Parker but either way, it’s an amazing place. Located right on the sand – if you got any closer to the ocean you might get wet. They have been doing weddings here for years and have everything running like a top. The staff is super professional and the rooms are spacious with most of them giving relaxing views of the beach or the local mountains. Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers love the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort  because of its close proximity to all that Santa Barbara has to offer. Check out the Hilton website for more info on having your wedding at the historic Fess Parker resort.

Riviera Mansion

If having a lavish affair in an elegant estate from the 1880s is your idea of a dream wedding, then look no further than the Riviera Mansion. Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the historic house exudes old world charm with its Spanish architecture and finely manicured grounds. The Riviera Mansion is home to the University Club of Santa Barbara and has been hosting weddings for many years. If a Riviera Mansion wedding sounds like a dream then head on over to their website and send them an inquiry. As far as Santa Barbara wedding venues go, you can’t go wrong with a Riviera Mansion wedding!

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Rincon Beach Club Santa Barbara Wedding

Rincon Beach Club

The Rincon Beach Club is an awesome choice for couples looking for a beautiful Santa Barbara wedding venue with no curfew to throw their wedding bash. Only minutes from the beach, the Rincon Beach club exudes a sort of laid back California vibe that is both classy and free spirited at the same time. Being so close to the beach, a lot of couples opt to have a beach ceremony then head back to the club for dinner and dancing. Not only does this wedding venue provide a stunning backdrop for your nuptials, the owners of the Rincon Beach Club are also career caterers with impressive culinary expertise. Check out their website to learn more! 

Villa and Vine

If a sun drenched garden courtyard minutes from pristine beaches sounds like your ideal spot to get married then look no further than Villa and Vine. With crawling ivy, a fireplace, olive trees, and a fountain, Villa and Vine Santa Barbara is a really stunning place to have an event. The owner and chef specializes in Hellenic California Cuisine that will make your mouth water. Santa Barbara wedding photographers will tell you that Villa and Vine wedding photos are a breeze as you’re located right on historic State Street with so many fun places to shoot. 

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Santa Barbara Zoo Wedding

Santa Barbara Zoo Wedding

I’ll try to do my best to hold back referring to weddings guests as animals, but when you’re talking about Santa Barbara Zoo Weddings…it’s hard to avoid. The elephants will always remember the vows you made. The giraffes will always look down on you because of your decision to get married at the zoo…but not on purpose. The monkey’s might think the whole affair is funny but don’t hold it against them. As far as Santa Barbara Wedding venues go, the zoo is pretty magical. I mean they even have capybaras! The Santa Barbara zoo is a pretty stunning place in its own right being located right across the road from the beach.

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