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Having lived on the coast of Southern California for our entire lives, we can pretty much tell you that it is really hard to top saying your vows with the blissful sea breeze in your face and the lush Santa Ynez mountains as your backdrop. We absolutely love shooting Santa Barbara Elopements. Just as each couple’s love story is unique, we think the way you choose to say your vows should be too! The planning, expectations, and details that go into a big wedding aren’t for everyone. Breaking down all the traditions and finding what’s important to you is important to us! Maybe you just want a few of your closest friends and family by you, maybe you just want to get out in the fresh air on a mountain top and let your promises to each other float away in the fresh air. We’re here for it all and we want to make sure we honor your dream elopement! There are so many options in and around Santa Barbara that can fit any couple’s style.  We’ve shot and explored all over the city and surrounding area and would love to help you in your search to make your wish a reality. 

Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

We’re super thankful for our job as photographers because it’s given us the opportunity to make our own schedule and do plenty of traveling. We feel like we could continue road-tripping through California for decades and it we’d still be discovering new epic locations to photograph. We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve found ourselves saying, “Wow, don’t you wish we had a couple to photograph right now against this backdrop!” So if you’re hoping to elope in California, let’s collaborate and come up with a wedding venue that fits your style perfectly. We’ve shot all the way from Yosemite elopements to Catalina elopements and beyond. In Santa Barbara alone, there’s myriad of venues and locations to consider.

Some of our favorite venues to get married in Santa Barbara are the Santa Barbara Courthouse, The Santa Barbara Historical Museum, The Riviera Mansion, and the Santa Barbara Zoo. We put together a quick article on these venues and few other ones that you might want to consider if you’re planning to get married in the beautiful California riviera.

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Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

When checking out Santa Barbara elopement locations, look no further than the Santa Barbara Courthouse weddings. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting numerous elopements and small ceremonies at this romantic and historic site and it never disappoints. From the famed Santa Barbara courthouse mural room to the epic vistas from the top of the Santa Barbara clock tower, there’s drama and allure around every corner. Many couples who are looking for small wedding packages in California end up choosing the courthouse for its diversity, central location in the city, and its accessibility to both large and small groups. We’ve shot short civil ceremonies providing our own names for our couples as witnesses and well as bigger parties with lots of family and friends for a Santa Barbara courthouse sunken gardens wedding. After your ceremony, there are plenty of locations to venture out to from the courthouse. Whether you’re ready for a delicious dinner on State Street or just want to take a walk to create some beachside memories, there’s plenty to choose from! Ask any Santa Barbara wedding planner and they’ll definitely sing the praises of Santa Barbara Courthouse events.

How to Elope in California

Cool places to get hitched

I’m sure there’s a lot of things on your list when trying to figure out how to elope in California. You’re probably busy checking out California elopement laws and cheap places to elope in California. But don’t let it bog your down! Get Excited! You’re going to vow your lives to each other in one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth. And we’re here to help you.

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