Leo and Kat have to be some of our favorite people of all time. They’re also wicked photographers (see here). They’ve been such amazingly supportive and fun friends to have in our lives. When they asked if we could take some photos of them, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. The four of us stayed at an airstream in Malibu on the top of the Santa Monica Mountains. It was a magical night filled with lots of laughs and good memories. 

Peter and Emily

Oh, and thanks Leo for grabbin’ a shot of us with our trusty steed, the Toyota Chinook. 

aaaaand one more of the Chinook for good measure.


yessss!! these look so good, Kat you are a babe!… Leo, you tooo

Love love love love love love love.

Leonardo Evidente III

But seriously, these photos are the bombs. Almost better than rice. Love you guys!

What Leo said. 😉

Leonardo Evidente III

Daaaaaaannnngggg son! <3

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