Last week, we walked through fields of gold with Jon and Savannah. We couldn’t be more excited for these two people to dive head-first into marriage. A while back, Peter photographed Jon for his personal project, Heed the Beard. You need to check it out.  What’s awesome is that we know that when these two get married in August, it won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing them. Becoming friends with clients is like getting to take the whole party home with you. We’re getting to share this awesome time in their lives with them and it immediately makes us closer. So take a gander at some beautiful people loving each other in beautiful places and be inspired. I know we were.  



I havent seen beautiful Savannah since she was about 10 in my art class! Jon you are blessed! Beautiful photos! I wish you both the best!

oh my gosh I just love these two with all my heart!! I could cry! lol I can NOT wait until the wedding!! xo

Beautiful couple and great pictures! We cant wait for the wedding!

Beautiful couple and great pictures! Cant wait for the wedding. Celia and Larry

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