Hi everyone! Emily here. This is the first post that I have personally put together on our blog so I hope you enjoy it! I decided to take the lead because this story is very personal to me. My own brother, Jesse, said his vows to my new sister, Amy, on our family vacation to mammoth this summer.

My family had been planning a long-awaited trip together in Mammoth Lakes where we were to rent a cabin and have a good old-fashioned Grooters (my maiden name) reunion. A couple weeks before the trip, my brother Jesse proposed to Amy, who we had all come to know and love over the past couple years. After some contemplation, they decided to tie the knot during our family vacation. My oldest brother, David, acquired a license to wed them. On a perfect, sunny Tuesday in July, we all walked together into a forest clearing, and witnessed their union to each other. 

Peter and I see a lot of weddings. Its easy to get jaded and think its all about how good your decorations, dress, or flowers can be. This marriage was a blessed reminder of the love and commitment that supersedes it all.


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