We're Peter and Emily Kappen and together we make up Kappen Photography. We are happily married and enjoy working together in all aspects of our lives. We got into wedding photography primarily to be around cool people on the happiest day of their lives and also, so we could make art together. Along the way we have made a lot of new friends and shared tons of amazing moments. Our hope is always that we will be able to go beyond just documenting an event to portraying real people through individual, personalized art. We have tons of fun but we are serious about getting the shot.

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How we approach our craft

We got into the business because we love people. As wedding photographers we end up spending more time with the bride and groom than almost anyone else on a wedding day. Because of this, we always want to make sure that the relationships with have with our couples is based off of trust and comfort. We want you to be yourself on your wedding day and we want you to remember how it felt.

The trail from Montana

March 23, Editorial


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